Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This Week in Taiji

The dolphin hunt in Taiji rages on...

Last Wednesday, 14 Risso dolphins were herded into the Cove in Taiji.  Two juveniles were taken for captivity to Dolphin Resort and Taiji Whale Museum.  The other 12 were slaughtered for human consumption.   The meat was quickly sold at the Taiji Fisherman's Union and sold to local buyers.  Apparently they don't have enough Mercury poisoning in their diets yet.

Thursday 20-21 more Risso dolphins were brought in.  Once again, two were taken for captivity while the others were slaughtered.  

On Saturday 32-34 Striped dolphins were slaughtered in the cove, one run over by a skiff as it tried to escape.  

Yesterday morning the "fisherman" wasted no time.  My 7:30am they were already in formation driving a pod of Risso dolphins to the shore.  The entire family had been slaughtered.

As if it's not bad enough that these animals are captured and killed, the suffering they endure in the process is unbearable and not even close to humane.

Here are more petitions for both the slaughter and for anti-captivity of these animals.




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  1. Great post and on helping. Going to read more on the petitions you've posted