Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Real Sea World

This amazing video features David Kirby (author of Death at Sea World), Naomi Rose, PhD (Senior Scientist of Humane Society International), Samantha Berg, Carol Ray and Dr. Jeffery Ventre (all former Sea World trainers) discussing and watching wild orcas.  Beautiful!

Today in Taiji, hunters drove in a pod of between 40-60 pilot whales.  The Taiji hunt runs from September through April with hunters herding hundreds, if not thousands, of dolphins and pilot whales into the cove.  These whales and dolphins are either "chosen" by trainers for a life of captivity or they are brutally slaughtered for their meat.

To sign the petition to stop the hunt, CLICK HERE


  1. Ok, I signed the petition.

    The world can be a cruel place.

  2. Stopping by to check out the new blog. Such a great cause!

  3. I agree with Gossip Girl! Best of luck with your new blog! Julie