Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Taiji update

The dolphin/whale hunt continues in Taiji.  This hunt started in September and continues through March.  The "fisherman" herd pods of dolphins into the cove by banging on the sides of their boats with long, metal pipes.  The dolphins are drawn closer to shore where they are netted into a small area.  Scared, hungry and often injured they are sometimes left for days.  Other times they are immediately killed or the young or "pretty" ones are picked for marine parks around the world, sold for up to $150,000 each.  Meat is sold for human consumption.  

This week, on January 31, 17 Pacific white-side dolphins were driven into the cove.  Ten, bloody and injured, were chosen for captivity while the other 7 were killed.  

On February 3, ten Risso dolphins were driven into the cove and killed for their meat.

Yesterday, a pod of 32 bottlenose dolphins were driven into the cove.  Eleven were taken captive while the other 21 were slaughtered.

This brings the total for the season to 740 killed and 240 captive.  320 have been released after originally being driven into the cove but many of them will die due to stress or injury.  Some juveniles were released after their mothers were killed.  They will likely not survive either.  There are still almost 2 months left of the hunt.

Outraged?  Do something.  There are advocacy groups all over fighting the hunt, starting with Ric O'Barry and Sea Shepherd.  Sign a petition.  Tell a friend.  With more people aware and pressuring the Japanese, maybe this will stop once and for all.  The majority of Japanese people either don't even know what's happening or they are afraid to speak out, but even a few have come forward this year.  

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  1. :( I hate hearing about this kind of thing. Awful.