Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wrap up in Taiji

It has been relatively quiet in Taiji since my last post and the season officially ended on Monday.  

There was only 1 day of killing in the past 2 weeks.  On February 20 a pod of Risso dolphins were herded into the Cove and slaughtered.  This put the Japanese over their allotment by 7 Rissos.  Apparently, they didn't care.  For a group who has no respect for life, I'm not surprised.

On February 19, 2 Russian beluga whales have been brought to Taiji in a trade for 4 bottlenosed dolphins.  The beluga whales will be included in the collection of captive dolphins and whales in the Taiji Museum.  The dolphins were transported by truck this morning to their new destination.

It has been a sad season in Taiji but with increased awareness and pressure, hopefully more people in Japan and the rest of the world have a deeper understanding of the horrible actions that happen in The Cove.

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