Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Japanese whale sales

In a recent article in The Japan Daily Press, Japan's Fisheries Agency says it will expand the sales of whale meat to the public in order to combat the financial losses of it's "research" whaling program.

Japan's annual whaling costs in the Antarctic is reportedly $60 million with 75% of the meat going unsold.  

The Fisheries Agency reported last week that starting next year, the meat will be sold to individuals by mail order and directly to restaurants.  Up until now, the meat could only be purchased by distributors at wholesale auctions.

Whale meat sells for $3.75 to $6.25 for 4oz. or less and is considered a "luxury item".  However the simple fact is the majority of Japanese people are not interested in eating whale meat and have never eaten whale meat.  So why the waste???

The same goes for the dolphin meat of Taiji.  The majority of Japanese people have no idea what is going on in The Cove.  They do not eat dolphin meat.  So, why do the Japanese continue these hunts???

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  1. That's ridiculous! Why can they not understand that the Japanese are not interested in eating whale meat, and stop the senseless killings?