Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Progress in Taiji

Saturday, November 24 was an international day of rallying against the dolphin hunt in Taiji.  Groups from around the globe got together in protest.  The biggest surprise of the day was the rally held in Tokyo.  

A grassroots group of Japanese animal rights activists called Action for Marine Mammals staged the protest which attracted 70 protesters, more than 40 of whom were Japanese.  This marks the first protest of the Japanese people against the dolphin hunts - a significant event!

Most Japanese that had been talked to previously were against the hunts, if they even knew about them, but it is tradition in Japan not to speak out and to "go with the flow".  They do not protest or hold demonstrations as we do, and the government discourages this type of behavior.  

There was a group of counter-protesters there who reportedly made the others look even better by their behavior.  The Tokyo police were there to keep the two groups separated.  

If more Japanese people speak out, maybe the killing will end once and for all.  This is an excellent start!
To read Ric O'Barry's article about the event, CLICK HERE

In the past week in Taiji:
Wednesday, November 21 a pod of 9 pilot whales were corralled into the cove.  The 2 smallest, probably young, were released (with no mother or family) while the other 7 were slaughtered.  All 9 probably died since the young can't survive without their parents.

Thursday, November 22 a pod of 9-10 Risso dolphins were driven into the cove and killed for meat while we were celebrating Thanksgiving.

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  1. Very sad hearing about the whales and dolphins that were corralled into that cove. :(