Friday, November 9, 2012

Taiji - 1st 2 months

Picture taken from I Love Dolphins facebook page

On November 1, Ceta-Base (the online database for marine mammals) reported:

"2012/2013 Drive Fisheries page has been updated.
Since the start of the season on September 1st, 2012 a total of 407 dolphins from four species have been driven into the cove in Taiji, Japan. Of this total 156 were killed, 221 were released and 28 were live-capture, two additional animals died (one pilot whale after live-capture and one incidental death of a bottlenose following a drive). Species captured, sold & killed include: Bottlenose Dolphins (T. gilli), Risso's Dolphins (G. griseus), Short-finned Pilot Whale (G. macrorhynchus) and Striped Dolphins (S. coeruleoalba)."

This story made it to ABC news in San Francisco on Wednesday.  It's so good to see these horrible events getting more national attention.  Check it out

The 2012-2013 quota in Taiji is 2,089 marine mammals.  Let's hope they aren't able to reach that number!

There have not been any killings in the past two days.  The Cove runs blue.

This hunt continues through March, but it's never too late to fight.  
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  1. I missed a couple postings this week and playing catch up OMGosh, how very sad this is when I saw the pics and info :( The pics really put a reality to this. :(

  2. The Japanese have never exceeded in sensitivity towards sea creatures.
    Thanks for making this blog.