Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Voices of Ocean Advocate say Thanks

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My thanks is coming from the many cetacean voices that inspire me to keep Ocean Advocates going. Here's what they have to say...

Taiji Dolphins - 
Every year in a small community of Japan, fisherman bang on their boats to confuse us and drive us into a cove out of sight.  It's very scary with them making so much noise and we have no idea what's going on.  Once they have us there, they hold us in the cove with nets, sometimes for days at a time.  No food, no room to play, and very stressful.
After days, sometimes boats come in and take our children, mothers or fathers away from us by themselves. They haul them off and say something about using them in a show.  It's scary and sad to be left alone.
Later, more boats come in with spears and stab repeatedly.  We cry out as we bleed to death, leaving the cove in blood.
That is why I am thankful for the readers of Ocean Advocate.  If you want to help us, consider signing the petition HERE

I was captured off the coast of Washington in 1970 and brought to Miami Seaquarium soon after where I have remained ever since.  At least 13 members of my family were killed during the capture.  I also live in the oldest and smallest tank in North America, only one-and-a -half times my size.
I'm 43 years old and have been in captivity for 40 years.  For those first three years of my life, I swam great distances every day.  Now it's a struggle to even turn around in my small tank.  
Since the rest of my family still in the wild were listed as endangered species, there are several groups trying to get me out of here.  It would be amazing to see my family again where I can hunt for my own food without having to do tricks in order to eat.
I'm thankful for the readers of Ocean Advocate who care about me and try to help me go home.
If you want to help me, CLICK HERE

I was found in June 2010 swimming alone off the coast of the Netherlands.  I was sick and underweight, so a group rescued me and took me to Dolphinarium Harderwijk.  For a year, they nursed me back to health.
I was feeling better, but they wouldn't let me go home.  Instead, in November 2011 they moved me to Loro Parque to be with other orcas.  Now they won't let me go.  I have to perform in shows and the other orcas are mean to me.  They keep me in a tank that's only 7 by 20 meters. It's the smallest captivity tank in the world.
They found my family.  They can tell it's them by the sounds they make.  Oh, I only wish I could hear those sounds and see them again!
If you want to help me, CLICK HERE

Tillikum, AKA Tilly
I was captured off the coast of Iceland almost 40 years ago.  First they brought me to SeaLand in Canada.  One day I was bored from swimming circles in my little tank and thought I would have some fun.  One of the humans who is always "playing" with me got close and I grabbed her and pulled her underwater until she wasn't breathing anymore.  She plays with me, so I figured I could play back.
The next thing I knew, I was being moved to SeaWorld in Orlando.  At SeaWorld, the female whales are always picking on me.  If I am with them, they gang up and hurt me.  Otherwise, I am by myself and lonely.
In July 1999, some guy was still hanging around late at night.  Nobody saw me do it, but I had a little fun and he died too.
In February 2010 I was playing again and got carried away.  I get bored very easy and I am lonely always by myself.  I guess I was too excitable that day, so when the trainer's hair got too close, I grabbed her and took her deep into the pool.  I kept dunking her and slamming her around like a toy, since they never give me anything else to play with.  
I'm much bigger than the other orcas here at SeaWorld and everyone is scared of me.  They only let me come out to splash everyone during the shows.  Otherwise, everyone is afraid.  I am going crazy in this place and it's even worse now that everyone is mad at me and isn't allowed around me.  I hate this place.  It makes me angry and then I get in trouble when I do anything about it.  I just want to go home.
If you can help me, CLICK HERE

Although Ocean Advocates promotes and discusses many others, these are the ones that are most often talked about here.  They all want to thank Ocean Advocate readers for caring enough about them to read and learn more.


  1. such an emotional plea for these abused creatures! thank you for bringing awareness to them!

  2. You are doing so much to raise awareness of an issue that a lot of us didn't really know anything about.

  3. It's even more heartbreaking when you put it in their perspective. :(

  4. My goodness, what an emotional plea, and thank you for raising this awareness. Thank you for joining in our bloghop.