Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Orcas in crisis

Blackney Pass off Johnstone Strait is a busy area for whale activity and there is an application for an "Investigative License of Occupation-Ocean Power", an application for "actual installment of technical investigative and monitoring equipment".  

This would cause devastating effects to the whales including noise and prey reduction.  Orcas communication through their sonar and verbalizations.  With the additional noise, it could cause them to be easily lost and separated from their pods.  The noise would also cause other fish in the area to leave, reducing the orcas' food source.  

This is an overall bad idea!  

The video, and audio, below was taken in this very area in question in September of his year.  A very active pod indeed!

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This was also a sad morning in Taiji with a pod of Risso dolphins driven into the cove and killed.  Two were taken captive. :(

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